Exam Preparations

In general, if you have prior images from an outside imaging exam, these would be useful to the interpreting radiologist so that he/she may make a comparison.  Outside images can generally be obtained on a CD and brought with you at the time of your exam. 

You will be provided with screening worksheets/questionnaires prior to specific imaging exams.  Please let our front desk staff know if you have any questions or concerns. 

MRI Exam Preparation

Alert the technologist of any metallic devices.

  • Don’t bring anything with you into the MRI room (we will provide a secure locker)
  • If you are having an MRI of your pelvic floor (MR defecography), you will be given specific bowel preparation instructions when you schedule the exam
  • If you are having an MRI enterography exam for bowel disease, we will ask you to drink contrast material at our office

  • CT Exam Preparation

    • Alert the technologist if you are allergic to IV contrast (iodine)
    • Alert the technologist if you may be pregnant
    • You may be asked to drink contrast if you are having a CT of the abdomen/pelvis
    • If you are receiving IV contrast, alert the technologist if you are at risk for kidney disease. If you are over 60 years or have any of the following risk factors – you will need to have lab work done prior to your visit and we will need a copy of the report.
      • kidney failure
      • kidney surgery
      • single kidney
      • kidney cancer
      • diabetes
      • high blood pressure


    • If you are having an ultrasound of your abdomen or gallbladder, please fast for 8 hours prior to your exam
    • If you are having an ultrasound of your urinary bladder or a pelvic ultrasound (uterus/ovaries), please arrive with a full bladder (drink at least 32oz of fluid prior to arrival).


    • No specific exam preparation


    • No specific exam preparation
    • Need list of medications


    • Provide a list of current medications


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